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We Are You, You Are Us

As a Zambian company that loves music, we have a vested interest in and are fully committed to the advancement of the Zambian music industry.

That advancement is not something that we can do alone however; we need you the artist to join us in stimulating that growth.

Mvesesani aims to hold the largest digital catalog of Zambian music in the world. We have already managed to secure music as old as the 1970s and more music from every genre imaginable since that era but we won't be satisfied until we also have your music in the Mvesesani Store too.

We invite you to join over six hundred other Zambian rightsholders and over seven hundred other artists that have already added their music to the Mvesesani Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for submissions or have a membership fee?
No, we do not charge you for giving us music to place into the Mvesesani Store.

Then how do you make money?
Mvesesani works on a revenue share system. We make money only when you make money. You can read more about our revenue split in our Terms & Conditions.

How do fans buy music?
Currently music fans can buy music using their debit or credit card as well as with Airtel Money & MTN Mobile Money for Zambian customers. We are working with Zamtel to add Zamtel Kwacha to the Mvesesani platform and will of course announce that as soon as it is available.

Do fans buy Zambian music?
Yes. All that is needed is the artists to actually encourage their fans to support them. We've been operating since 2016 and have been encouraged by the fan response to artists when they really engage their fan base. We had our first sales on day one when we launched and since then have had fans from across Zambia and 27 different countries support Zambian music through the Mvesesani Store.

Do you screen submitted music?
No. We are not gatekeepers; the decision to buy your music or not is left up to the fans. Mvesesani will never try to dictate if music is "musically good enough" to be on our service.

We only try to make sure that the music fans that are our customers get the best quality possible in return for their money. For example, Mvesesani will reject music found to have audio tags from free music websites; music fans should not be expected to pay for music that contains promotional audio tags.

Do you accept old music?
YES! We definitely accept old music; in fact we encourage artists to give us their entire discography. We really do want to have the entirety of Zambia's music history in the Mvesesani Store.

How do I get a copy of these Terms & Conditions you mentioned?
Fill in and submit the form below and we'll gladly send you a copy.

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