Our Company

The Mission

At Mvesesani, we are creating the digital infrastructure that will allow the music industry to thrive in Zambia by developing the previously unavailable tools required by Zambian music industry professionals.

Our People

Jeremy Chibuye, Co-founder · @tha_jayman
Twaambo Haamucenje, Co-founder · @twmbx
Nalukui Muchindu, Media Ninja · @Nalukui_peach87


Ndola, Zambia

Our Projects

The Mvesesani Store

The first of its kind for Zambia, which has never had its own on-line music retail service; the Mvesesani Store is an online digital music marketplace servicing the Zambian market. We are actively growing the Mvesesani Store & will be doing so until it becomes the most comprehensive collection of Zambian music ever assembled with music spanning generations. Discover music from the 1970s to the latest music of our present day.